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15.04.2020โ”ƒNew Instagram Account nw_cf

I have two Instagram accounts that I use actively. My main account at noah.wagner (previously nhwgnr) and the account noahsnetwork, where I only follow friends to see their content only. The first account is mainly designed for passive consumption, the second for conscious consumption of posts from friends and acquaintances. But even this content is becoming more and more consumption-oriented and the number of posts is still quite high. I could stop following certain people, but I don't want to. I want to be able to filter what content I want to see right now. Whether it's fashion or design, friends or famous people, comics or more interesting facts. So to speak like Reddit multis or Twitter lists. On Instagram this is not possible and therefore requires a different account for each "group", each filter, so to speak. In this account I only want to follow close and "normal" friends, later maybe also other acquaintances - so keep the circle small. I don't really want to post anything publicly, but I'm also interested in "sharing" in a certain way. With this account I want to counteract this a little bit by having only a small circle of people see the posts, which takes away the fear of publishing, but satisfies the need to share some things with several people.

I slowly add new people. If you are not currently added but feel like you are a close friend or friend, don't worry. I probably didn't forget you. Just want to "grow" it slowly. ๐Ÿ˜€
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In this part I will add my definition of friendship, aquaintanceship what they mean to me and what I value in them at a later time.